BBC Radio 3 Folk@Home

Cefais sgwrs dan glo yn ddiweddar gyda BBC Radio 3 a’r gyflwynwraig Verity Sharp fel rhan o’r gyfres Folk @Home. Gwnaethon ni trafod hiraeth, ystyr y gair cynefin a syniad o gartref i ni’r Cymry – gwnes hefyd perfformio’r gân yr oeddwn i wedi dewis sef Cân Dyffryn Clettwr.

Mae ‘na fwy o wybodaeth o dudalen y BBC isod, cewch wrando ar y rhaglen eto (yn Saesneg) yma:

From her garage studio in Wiltshire, Verity Sharp calls up musicians who are rooted in traditional music, exercises their home-recording skills, and asks them to sing something that’s been particularly resonating for them during lockdown. In this episode Verity dials up Owen Shiers who shares a song that’s reminding him of his roots in the Clettwr Valley of Wales.

In this period of social distancing, how is music helping us keep connected to the things that matter? With its deep links to people, communities, land, nature and history, folk song has much to offer at this point in time.