Ceredigion Folk Song Map

Some years ago when I was in Senegal, West Africa immersing myself in the culture of the ‘Griot’ (musicians with a role similar to the ‘cyfarwyddwyr’ of old) I came across a musical map of the region with melodies for the Kora (a kind of harp with two rows of strings) with the village of origin noted alongside. This was the first time that it had struck me that music could be something which belonged to a place, not just to an individual.

This image remained seared in my mind and when I started the process of mapping the musical topography of Ceredigion as part of the Cynefin project, I asked the very talented Aberystwyth artist Peter Stevenson to create a song map of Ceredigion, featuring 25 notable folk songs from the county, each illustrated and located in the towns and villages where they were originally sourced   The result is a colourful and each catching smorgasboard of the collective musical imagination of the West Wales (click on the image for a bigger version).

If you would like to purchase a full colour A3 map, they are £5 with £3 postage. I am still working on an online shopping facility but in the meantime you can send me £8 via PayPal using the link below (don’t forget to send me your address via PayPal notes or you can email it to me at owen (at) gemtone.co.uk


ceredigion folk song map